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Angel Olsen, “Free”.


Digging this song!! 

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End of journey “Daisy and wolf” by Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi

Serpent & Bow


I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you about this! I have a piece in the amazing group show Girls: Fact and Fiction, opening December 7th and running until January 4th, at Light Grey Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The concept for the show is that there will be two rooms in the gallery, one dedicated to real life females and one dedicated to fictional female characters/figures. I chose to make an illustration of the Virgin Mary (who, along with other religious figures and mythological beings, is considered “fact” for this show). Because of my Catholic upbringing, Mary has been an important female figure in my life for about as long as I can remember. It was a fun little challenge I set up for myself, attempting to depict in a new and interesting way a person who has already been depicted millions of times before.
You can order prints of it here! And if you order before December 7th you’re guaranteed to get it before the holidays. How perfect would this print be as a Christmas present?!
 Also, if you purchase $100 or more worth of merchandise in the Light Grey Gallery shop, you get a free copy of the Girls book, which includes images and write-ups for all of the pieces in the show. If you need suggestions for other prints to buy, I have several friends who also have work in the show: Jimmy Malone, Julianna Brion, Mika Nakano, Kathleen Marcotte, Celine Loup, Kyle Fewell, Kali Ciesemier. I won’t be able to attend the opening on December 7th but if you’re in the Minneapolis area you should definitely check it out!

The links should all work now! Thanks, Satan’s Handmaiden (who, by the way, has a wonderful Tumblr blog that you should all check out)!

beautiful, Janna!


Merlin’s Beard! I sure am excited to share the zine I created for Light Grey Art Lab's Stacks exhibition, a collection of zines created to commemorate each of the past 30 years! I was given the year 2007, so my mind immediately went to Harry Potter (but then, whenever does it not?). It is timely that I’m sharing this with you today, because it was on this exact date in 2007 that the final Harry Potter book was released to eager wizards and muggles worldwide. 

I considered approaching this, my first ever zine, in a number of ways. I wanted to make something that could be interactive in some way, so I came up with the idea of an activity book. It was fun to include little moments and details that weren’t included in the movies and to make the characters look the way I think they look based on the canon, rather than the movie version. I’m pretty sure both hardcore Pottheads and casual fans alike will have fun filling this out! I’ve included some of my favorite pages here and a gif that shows all the spreads. 

This zine will be sold in person at Light Grey Art Lab and on Light Grey’s online shop starting August 1st. They’re a very limited edition so if you want one, get on it quick! 

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"This is my first cabbage! You know, a lot of times they’re kind of soft, but this one is solid! It’s going to be good eatin’!" "What are you going to make with it?""Well, this one I’m giving to my parents. You have to give the first one away or you just spoil the whole spirit of gardening."

Des insectes vus en Italie ce mois-ci.Insects seen in Italy this month.


Yumiko Higuchi

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Kanduri, ca. 1900IndiaCotton

Henri Matisse

Iowa Hills, Washington County Oregon
Ray Atkeson © 1968