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Day 3. Molly Weasley! A scan will be up later this week. #HPaday

In honor of Phoebe Wahl's #HPaday


Go vinniiieee!!!

Day 2 for #HPaday. Rubeus Hagrid.

Here’s a scan of my first Harry Potter a Day project drawing. 
I’m going to try to draw a HP character a day until I run out, or at least get to the Maisie Cattermoles and Ivor Dillonsbys of the series. Each drawing will be varying in complexity depending on how much time/energy I have. 
DAY 1, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. 
Today I begin my #HPaday project. I’m gonna draw a character a day until I run out. Day 1: Albus Dumbledore.



Portraits of my momma picking raspberries, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest I think. 1975? 1982? Not sure. My dad visited her old friend who lives in Seattle and received a bunch of largely undated photos from her younger years. I’ll have to do my own investigating to find out any more answers to all these questions.

5 years ago today. 

love you sophie!

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Vintage 30s Cute Daisy Flower Rayon Fabric 
I got a Phoebe bird tattoo!
An old woman who was my best friend when I was very small drew this design on the dress of a doll she made for me when I was five. The time I would spend with her at her tiny house in the woods is very sacred to me. My parents were hiking with her while my mom was pregnant, talking about the local pioneer Phoebe Judson when they saw a Says Phoebe bird. Which is how they decided on my name. 

Henri Matisse